Motivation Is Not A Solution, It’s A Symptom

“Memento mori” is a Latin phrase meaning “remember, you must die.” It’s a common phrase and self-help gurus are big fans of using this to shock people into doing something worthwhile with their lives. At the same time, in the modern world, I think more people are wishing for death than avoiding it. Suicide and […]


What you think and believe are far more important that what you do. 

What I want is the same thing as what you want and the answer to that question is I don’t know what you want. 

When you can come to that state without force and be completely comfortable with it you have reached a state of desirelessness.

Point of Origin

Can you point to the origin of anything? Things that move the world do not have a start or an end.

There is no way to point to them.

They just are.