What you think and believe are far more important that what you do. 

What I want is the same thing as what you want and the answer to that question is I don’t know what you want. 

When you can come to that state without force and be completely comfortable with it you have reached a state of desirelessness. 

In the beginning you don’t know because you never really stop to think about it. 

When someone stops you and gets you to REALLY think about it, our brains automatically go into a material state. 

Beyond that we start to attain some of these things we realize that they don’t create the outcome we expected and that the more we build the more attention and energy it takes to keep the construction together. 

Many people spend the rest of their lives fighting this never-ending battle only to realize at the end of their life that everything returns back to its natural form regardless of our efforts. 

For a select few, they will enter the state of Desirelessness and realize that the more control they give away the more control they have. 

The less energy they use on pointless decisions the more divine energy shows up in their life which will give them everything they want. 

Power that comes to you without force is power that you can be trusted with. Force is the negation of power. 

The choice is always yours. 

If you can see that and are open to exploring a different perspective, feel free to reach out to me.