How Men Stand Up Against Modern Evil: Waging The Alphabet War On Behalf Of Our Children

LGBTQIA – we need 7 letters now to describe a group of people who want to deny one of the most obvious realities in our world: men and women are not the same, and, we were made for each other. This reality is offensive to many in the world and the damage being done is undeniable.

Without a doubt, the people who are suffering the most are the youth of this country. Children and young adults have no one teaching them the truth. Everywhere they turn, they are bombarded with lies and insanity.

So, the question can’t be denied: how can modern men stand up in this world and help nurture the next generation?

A Nation Divided Will Fall

There’s a lot of talk about “The American Spirit,” but I don’t see much evidence of that these days. I used to think of America as an nation that was against government intervention, but it seems more and more that everyone is looking to the government to fix their problems.

The government has become a weapon and political parties are just about assuming control of that weapon so they can fire it at the other side.

This is only good for those in power. When the people are divided against each other, it keeps us weak and protects the government from us.

Using Our Power

The process of transforming the future begins in our own life and radiates out to those closest to us first.

No matter how it looks in the media, the reality is that the power has always been in the hands of the people. Not because our vote counts or because we can change what happens in Washington, but because we have the power to create the reality of our own lives.

We do it every day, unconsciously or not.

We see this power in situations this year like Bud Light’s trans marketing campaign or Target’s LGBT agenda. The people of this country showed, without a shadow of a doubt, that they do not want these ideologies in their lives. And they will not support companies that continue to push these agendas.

But this power didn’t come from the government. It didn’t come from a committee or a group. It came from each individual person making a choice. A choice to exercise their power.

More than anything, what this shows us is that the power of the media and the government is fragile. They would have us believe we are weak and always on the verge of collapse without them.

The opposite is true. They are weak and ineffectual. We have everything we need, inside our hearts.

What Can Be Done?

It always comes down to action in the end. It’s not enough to read inspirational posts or rant on social media.

We need powerful reasons to produce powerful actions and our children are the most important reasons we have. So many men have children or want children and feel like they have no idea what to do to lead these little ones to the truth.

The first step for every man is to acknowledge his God-given fatherhood. Regardless of whether you have children or not, you are a father. It is in your DNA. You were made to lead, to give, to sacrifice and to inspire.

Start with those closes to you. If you have children, understand what you represent to them. You are Truth, you are security, you are knowledge, you are safety, you are peace, you are love. You are their first and lasting understanding of the world in which they live.

If you don’t have children, understand the power you hold, even for nieces, nephews, neighbors, and others.

The young people of this world are in a never ending search for Truth. They have powerful truth-detectors. Unfortunately, most adults make it their mission to warp and twist this power. It’s much easier to reject a child than it is to admit the truth they force us to face.

This weakness is the first step backwards that leads to exactly where we are today: families are divided and “culture” or traditional hardly exist anymore.

Every man must look himself in the mirror and recognize that his life starts and stops with him. The deep acceptance of your own power and your own responsibility creates energy that touches those around you.

Children know when they are hearing truth. They know when they are experiencing love. They KNOW when they are being led by a true-hearted man.

You can be that man. All the time. Every time. Any time.

You don’t need to wait. It’s now. BE that man.

God Is The Source

God is the undeniable source of everything in our lives. He gives us the strength we need, the power we hold, the words we say, the thoughts we think.

So much time is spent “thinking” about what to do and how to do it.

In reality, this is just a way to avoid DOING the things we know we should be doing. Everyone asks “what can I do?” when the answer to that question is in front of us constantly.

What we can do is BE the person God made us to be.

Children are desperate for Truth. Jesus is Truth. We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

It’s pretty straightforward: to do our part, we have to bring the children to Jesus. This doesn’t always mean something specifically evangelical, but it’s a way of BEing. It’s a mode of operating.

It begins with acknowledgement of God’s true will for each of us.

God wills for us to:

  1. Be happy, love others and further extend our treasures.
  2. Listen, trust, and act on his messages to us.
  3. Release everything within us that is not love.

Understanding that all of our power comes from God and this power emanates from us when we live in that power. First and foremost, each and every man is a Beloved Son of God. This Truth creates the answer to every question we ask.

This war we are waging is spiritual and so must our participation be. If we want to do our part, we must unite our spirit with God and His will in our lives.

By making this our focus, those in our lives that need to see the Truth will see it.

And especially the littlest among us, they will see the examples that truly inspire them. They will recognize the goodness, and they will respond in their hearts.

BEing A Man

Ultimately, your manhood is your greatest gift. You have been made who you are for a specific reason. You have infinite power to do good and to bring others to Truth. You are not alone.

There is an answer to the question “how can men stand up against modern evil?” and it is simple.

BE a man.

Be love, kindness, strength, gratitude, peace, truth, leadership, power, but most of all – be a Beloved Son of God.

Do this, and your life will speak the words your mouth cannot form.

Loving you,